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At Peak Power Fitness, we combine all components of fitness including strength, power, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance to give you an exceptional workout in a fun environment.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, we will help you to establish a good base fitness foundation and optimal training levels, regardless of your current fitness level, to help you achieve your goals.

Although the workouts are designed for the more experienced athlete, knowing your optimal training levels will help individualize the workouts, despite the group setting, to make them challenging, yet safe and effective.



Sport Specific Training Classes

Do you want to increase your speed, strength, and performance? Are you serious about getting to the next step in your training? Are you looking for new motivation and a workout plan designed just for you to take you to the next level? Then come to our Sport Specific Training classes.

The focus is on YOU and YOUR GOALS.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, I can help you reach your goals.

Peak Power Fitness is now offering strength training and conditioning for the athlete of any ability. Think of it as personal training in a group setting. You tell us what your goals are and we design a program just for you. Increase strength, flexibility, and speed to perform better during races. Become a more competitive age group athlete. Complete your first triathlon, or running race. Whatever your goals I can get you there.  With my years of experience as an exercise physiologist and a coach, and also a competitive athlete in marathons, ultra marathons, and ultra triathlons, I know what it takes to put in the hard work!  Take your training to the next level!

Come try it out for one week free! If you like it pay only $49 for the first month. Come to any of the classes on our schedule as well as the Sport Specific Training.

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Group Workouts

Our workouts combine cardiovascular training and resistance training. You will produce muscular adaptations to improve and maximize oxygen consumption and transport to working muscles, allowing them to exert more force. The increased muscular strength and endurance will enable you to exercise more efficiently with less fatigue and fewer injuries. We constantly change our workouts so that your body does not adapt to doing the same thing all of the time, enabling you to continue to get the maximum benefit from Peak Power Fitness, and keep you interested.

Our cardiovascular training consists of high intensity interval training, or HIIT, fartlek training, tempo speed bursts, plyometrics, and more. Your body will begin to utilize glucose more efficiently for fuel , and your oxygen transport will increase, both enabling you to perform better. You will boost your metabolism, and release hormones that make you feel good and aid in stress release and fatigue. Increasing your cardiorespiratory fitness can also aid in controlling blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol, not to mention the other many health benefits of having a healthy heart.

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Fight fitness is a combination of weight lifting, cross training, and boxing. Increase your strength and endurance, all while learning the techniques used in boxing. Never the same workout twice!

  • Increase muscular strength and cardio endurance
  • Phenominal core training
  • Learn basic boxing skills and techniques
  • High intensity and fun!
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The RealRyder® Indoor Cycle turns, tilts and leans as you ride, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a more comprehensive, functional total body workout — with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles.

Propel your body to the next level with a RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Class at Peak Power Fitness:

  • Increase endurance and stamina with a cardio workout that’s fun
  • Activate core muscles the entire time you ride
  • Build upper & lower body strength
  • Burn 20% more calories per hour compared to traditional stationary bikes
  • Improve speed and power with a variety of dynamic, functional movements
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Looking to enhance performance with a more medical approach? We offer two types of fitness testing.

Comparing the result of both tests a few months down the road will allow us to see your training progress as well as make necessary adjustments to your target heart rate zones and caloric intake.

VO2 Max Testing

VO2 max testing measures the volume of oxygen you consume during exercise. Get precise, accurate target heart rate ranges so you can exercise more efficiently and dramatically improve your athletic performance.

  • Maximize your workout
  • Decrease fatigue and injury
  • Burn more fat
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 Resting Metabolic Rate

Get a precise measurement of the calories you burn while at rest. Knowing these results can determine a precise amount of calories needed to design nutrition programs specific to your individual needs, whether it be losing weight, gaining weight, or knowing the amount of energy needed to withstand endurance activities.

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Our annual membership plan and specials are listed below. We offer many additional membership pricing plans to fit every budget. Please contact Peak Power Fitness if you have additional questions.

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I started doing boot camp with Lori Bulwith at Peak Power Fitness during the off-season for variety and a new challenges but what I’ve found is that her training has strengthened my core, improved my recovery and most importantly kept me injury-free through numerous races, even 100 milers.

Laurie N., 100 Miler & First Grade Teacher

But now, after less than a year at Peak Power Fitness I do not know how this almost 50 year old guy survived without it. I cannot thank you enough for the physical and mental gains while still having fun.  And the real bonus is my wife really likes the extra muscle I have.  That’s enough to keep me coming back for more.

Kurt H., Ultra Runner & now Boot Camp lover

About Lori Bulwith

Lori loves working with age group athletes, especially since she competes in ultra triathlons and ultra running events herself. She knows the dedication it takes, and the combination of proper training, nutrition, strength, and flexibility for a well rounded training program. Her motto is “ It’s easy to quit, and hard to keep going, but you can. “ This is why it is important to connect your mind and your body in training. Through her own personal experiences, Lori provides a wealth of knowledge to get you to your goals.

Lori has experience as an exercise physiologist working in cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, and personal training. Her varied background has also brought her to many years of group fitness, boot camp classes, senior fitness, and team coaching as well. Her 30 + years working as a personal trainer has made her very knowledgeable in designing programs per individual based on goals, risk factors, lifestyle activity, and family time. She will safely take you through your program to reach your goals.

Some of Lori Bulwith’s personal accomplishments have been:

  • 1st place Women Virginia Triple Iron Triathlon , October 2009
  • 1st place Women 2007 Virginia Double Iron Triathlon, 2007
  • 3rd place Age Group Women Lean Horse 100 mile run
  • 2nd place Women Age Group Xterra Deuces Wild Triathlon 2015
  • 3rd place Women Formula 1 Triathlon 2003
  • 6th place National Championship Women Great Floridian Iron Distance Triathlon 2005

Lori has competed in numerous trail and road half and full marathons, ultramarathons, Iron distance triathlons, and has completed eight double Ironman triathlons. She continues to compete in ultra events.

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